How do I create a different assignment version or due date for each section of my course?


Currently, each Gradescope assignment can only have one due date. Additionally, each assignment can only have one template or set of questions attached to it, meaning each assignment can only have one version. However, there are a few options you can try if you want sections of students in your course to work on different versions of an assignment and/or submit their work at different times.

  • Option 1: Create separate Gradescope courses for each of your sections of students. Create an assignment in one of the courses. Then, use the Duplicate Assignment button at the bottom of the Assignments page in each course to copy that assignment into each of the other courses. You’ll then be able to upload a new template or create a new set of questions and set different due dates for each copy of the assignment. This option ensures that students will only see and be able to submit the assignment for their section.
  • Option 2: Create one large Gradescope course that contains all sections of students. Then, create the first version of the assignment and use the Duplicate Assignment button at the bottom of the Assignments page to create a copy of the assignment for each section. Switch out the assignment template and questions as needed for each version of the assignment. Include the corresponding section number in the assignment title and instruct students to only submit to the assignment for their section. You’ll then be able to set different due dates for each assignment, but there’s a risk of students submitting to the incorrect assignment and potentially sharing answers among the sections.
  • Option 3: Note that this option is only relevant if you just want multiple due dates and do not need multiple versions of the assignment. Create one large Gradescope course containing all sections of students. Create one assignment. Set the assignment due date as the date the last section will be turning in work. Outside of Gradescope, tell each section the day and time they should submit work, regardless of the due date listed in Gradescope. Once the due date for the last section has passed, check submission times on the Manage Submissions page to be sure that students submitted on time for their section. Once you’re finished grading you can also use the Download Grades button on the Review Grades page to export a spreadsheet of students’ grades, section numbers, and submission times for that assignment. Sort or add a filter to the Section column to sort the students by section number and more easily check students’ submission times by section.

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