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Creating and Grading Multi-Version Assignments (Beta)


Assignment versioning availability

Currently, assignment versioning is in beta, but you can gain access to it in your course(s) by emailing

Assignment versioning is also only available on Exam, Homework, or Bubble Sheet assignments where you as the instructor or TA will be uploading students' submissions ("instructor-uploaded assignments").

Assignment versioning is not available yet on Online Assignments, Programming Assignments, or any other assignment where students will be submitting or uploading their own work ("student-uploaded assignments").

The assignment versioning feature essentially lets you create a container to link multiple instructor-uploaded Exam, Homework, or Bubble Sheet assignments together. This means you will need a minimum of two of these types of instructor-uploaded assignments to create a versioned assignment. Note that versioned assignments do not need to have the same number of questions and you can mix and match which assignment types you'd like to link together.


Creating a multi-version assignment

  1. To get started, first find or create the instructor-uploaded Exam, Homework, or Bubble Sheet assignment that you'd like to be the first version.
  2. Next, to make the second version, either create another instructor-uploaded assignment from scratch or click the Duplicate Assignment button (recommended) on the Assignment page and duplicate the relevant assignment. The Duplicate Assignment button will copy over the template PDF, the outline, the question regions, and all the rubrics for that assignment, and the bubble sheet answer key (if you're duplicating a Bubble Sheet Assignment).
  3. Then for instructor-uploaded Exams or Homework, replace the template PDF for the second version (your outline will be preserved) from that assignment's Settings page (left sidebar). For Bubble Sheet Assignments, go to the Edit Answer Key page (left sidebar) to select new answer bubbles, if needed. Note that versioned assignments don't need to be similar or even have the same number of questions.
  4. Click Create Assignment when you're finished.
  5. Now, you can create the container to hold the versions. To do that, click Assignments in the left sidebar of your course. On the Assignments page, click the Link Versioned Assignments button in the bottom action bar. Give the assignment container a title. Then, select the instructor-uploaded assignments you wish to link together. You can link together as many as you'd like.

Uploading submissions to a multi-version assignment

  1. To upload your students' work, as with many other Gradescope assignments, submissions need to be in PDF format. It's recommended that you create a single PDF of submissions for each assignment version. If you need to scan paper copies of students' work, it's also recommended that you separate the paper copies into assignment versions first, and then scan them by version.
  2. Next, in Gradescope, click on a version of the assignment from the Course Dashboard or Assignments page. You will be taken to the Manage Scans page. There you can upload the corresponding submission file(s) for that assignment version.
  3. Repeat Step 2 as needed for each assignment version.
  4. If you attempt to assign a student to a submission and find that they have already been assigned, you can find which version they were assigned to. Also, the list of students who have not been matched will communicate which students don't have a submission across versions.


Grading submissions for each assignment version

For multi-version Exam and Homework assignments, you will grade each assignment version individually using the same methods you would for a single-version assignment. If you want to, while you grade Exams or Homework you can use the Import Rubric option in the grading interface to pull in the rubric from any question on any assignment in your course. See the Grading submissions article for more steps, tips, and tricks.

For multi-version Bubble Sheet assignments, work will still be auto-graded as it usually is. Remember for auto-grading to work on Bubble Sheet assignment, you must fill in the Answer Key in Gradescope prior to uploading submissions and the uploaded submissions must have been completed on Gradescope's 200-question bubble sheet template.

While there is a Review Grades page on the container for versioned assignments, you will also still get a Review Grades page for each assignment version. There you can see overall scores, export evaluations & grades, and publish grades for each assignment version. You can also send an email to students who submitted to just that version. You can even link each assignment version to your LMS if that would be more helpful to your workflow. Lastly, Regrade Requests and Statistics function in the same way as before. You will still get regrades for each version, and you can dive into individual question statistics for each version.


Publishing grades in multi-version assignments

When you'd like to review or publish grades for a multi-version assignment, you can do that on the individual assignment's Review Grades page or on the combined Review Grades page that contains all the assignment versions. If you're publishing from the individual assignment's Review Grades page, see the Reviewing Grading article. If you're publishing from the combined Review Grades page, you'll notice that the functionality is similar to the individual assignment pages, but with the following key differences: 

  • The statistics shown on the Review Grades page are combined across your versions.
  • In the table, there is an additional column titled “Version” to help with figuring out which student submitted to which version.
  • The Download Grades button gives you a unified spreadsheet of grades across versions.
  • The Publish Grades button will publish grades for all assignments within the container.
  • You can also email all students using the Compose Email to Students button.
  • For schools with an LMS integration enabled, just like you can link an individual assignment on Gradescope to an LMS assignment, you can publish grades to your LMS from the container as well. Link the container to the correct assignment from your LMS.
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