Does Gradescope have a service status page?


Yes, Gradescope’s status page,, provides real-time and recorded information about our system status. Current operational status across all of our environments, any scheduled maintenance, and all recorded past incidents are listed within the page.  

Each status is color coded with a description:

  • Green - The green banner indicates that all systems are operational. If you are experiencing issues, please contact us at
  • Yellow - The yellow banner indicates that there is currently a degraded performance on one or more of the services.
  • Amber - The amber banner indicates that there is a partial outage. This means that some services are experiencing issues.
  • Red - The red banner indicates that there is a major outage. We are working to rectify this.
  • Blue - The blue banner indicates that maintenance to one or more of our services is in progress.

To be notified of any operational disturbances, select Subscribe to Updates and provide us with your preferred contact details.

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