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Adding Students and Staff


The course roster is necessary to match students to submissions, manage course staff permissions, and allow students to see their work on Gradescope.

Staff permissions

Gradescope has three staff roles: Instructors, TAs, and Readers. Currently, all three roles have the same permissions when it comes to adding/removing students, uploading, naming, grading, and responding to regrade requests. The only difference between instructors and TAs/Readers right now is that students will see all instructor names, but TA and Reader names are anonymous to students. 

Letting students add themselves via entry code

The course Roster page showing the different options for adding course members - individually or in bulk.

In the action bar of the Roster page of your course, you can see the course entry code. If you let students know your course’s entry code, they will be able to add themselves to your course (see our help item on how students can add themselves to a course). Note that you can disable the option for students to self-enroll with the entry code from the Course Settings page. this is my change

Adding students and staff

A sample roster, showing required columns (Name and Email) and optional columns like Section.

To add members to your roster, click on Add Students or Staff in the bottom right hand corner of the Roster page of your course. A dialog will appear allowing you to add a single user or upload a CSV file to add many users at once. We recommend adding your students via a CSV file to speed up this process. Gradescope accounts will automatically be created for any members you add to your roster who do not yet have accounts. Make sure your roster CSV has column headers and uses unique email addresses for each student.

You can either specify student names as a full name column or with two columns - first name and last name. If you upload split names, Gradescope will let you sort by last name and you can download grade exports with first and last names. Splitting full names into first and last can be a bit tricky however we have a guide to help get you started.

Extra columns

Once you have uploaded the CSV, you will be asked to match the columns of your CSV with Gradescope fields. If a column shows up as blank, click on the drop down menu to select the corresponding Gradescope field. If your CSV has separate columns for student first names and student last names, click My CSV file has separate first and last name columns. Note that having separate columns for first and last names will make it possible to sort your roster alphabetically by last name.

You can include extra columns such as Section Number: just press the + sign on the right of the column names and select the relevant column. Note that we currently don’t display information from the extra columns on the Course Roster page, but we do include it in all spreadsheet downloads. You can also view this information for any student by hovering over their name and clicking on Edit Student. If you add a Section column to your roster, you’ll have the option to grade one section at a time in your Gradescope assignments.

Email notification

Notifying users while enrolling them

You can choose to notify users from the dialog box as you enroll them in your course. To do this, select the checkbox that says “Let new users know that they were added to this course” at the bottom of the dialog box. All users who were just added to your course will receive an email about their enrollment with a link to set a password and log in.

Notifying students in a course after enrollment

You can also send a mass email about enrollment to all students who have been enrolled in the course at any time after uploading the roster file or adding them individually. Follow the quick steps below for how to do this:

  1. Select the course that you want from your Dashboard.
  2. Once in your course, click Roster in the sidebar.
  3. Then, click Send Enrollment Notification in the bottom right. A dialog box will appear.
  4. In the dialog box, click the Send Emails button. Please note that students will only get an email about course enrollment this way if they haven’t logged in to Gradescope yet.
When to notify students about course enrollment

If you will be collecting and scanning in student work for the first assignment (e.g., an exam or quiz), we recommend waiting until grading for that assignment is complete to notify students that they have been added to your course. This is because on an instructor-submitted assignment, students can’t do anything in the system until they get their graded work back. You’ll be able to notify students later on, from the Review Grades step in the workflow.

If students will be submitting their work to Gradescope themselves for the first assignment (e.g., homework or a problem set), be sure to use one of the methods above to notify them as soon as they’ve been added to your course. This way, students can log in and submit their work as soon as possible.

Modifying course member information

To make any modifications to the roster, you can click on the Edit Student button next to the student’s name that you wish to edit. Note that you can only edit a student’s email address if they have never logged into their account. Email us if you would like to update the email address for a student who has already logged in.

If your roster has separate columns for first and last names, you can alphabetize students by last name by using the Swap button at the top of the name column.

You can also upload a new CSV file to update your roster in bulk; email addresses will be used to match rows in the file to existing students.

To download your roster as a CSV file, you can click Download Roster at the bottom of the page. 

Finally, you can use the  button to remove individual users from your roster. Deleting students from the roster does not delete any submissions and grades they already had in the course. If you ever want to bulk delete students from your roster, email us, and we can do this for you.

Viewing a student’s past grades

You can view a history of all grades in your course for any student by clicking on the student’s name in the course roster. From here, you can also quickly jump to all assignment submissions for that student.

Adding students and staff via LMS integration

(These instructions are for Canvas, but they apply to Blackboard, Brightspace, Sakai, and Moodle as well.) If your school has Canvas integration enabled, click Sync Canvas Roster in the bottom action bar of the Roster page.

If you want to send students and course staff an email notification that they were added to the course, check the “Let users know that they were added to this course” box. Then, click Sync Roster. Your students’ and course staff’s names and emails will be synced to the Gradescope roster from Canvas. Note that Observers will not be synced.

A modal showing instructions with what will happen to users when synced with an LMS.

If a link icon appears in the Linked column on your Roster page, the user was successfully linked to a user on your Canvas roster.

When a user is successfully lined with an LMS, a teal link icon appears in their row on the roster.
Syncing isn't done automatically. Every time your Canvas roster changes, you will need to click the Sync Canvas Roster button in order to see the changes in Gradescope.

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