How do I get started moving my assessments online?

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Gradescope lets you administer, collect, and grade your assessments remotely. All types of questions are supported, including paragraphs, proofs, diagrams, fill-in-the-blank, true/false, multiple-choice, and more. This makes remote evaluation possible for a wide range of subjects, from Math to Chemistry to Economics.

With Gradescope, there are two main ways to assess remotely: paper-based and digital.

Paper-based Assessment (Handwritten Work)

With paper-based assessment (handwritten work), you provide students with the assignment instructions outside of Gradescope and they work on it outside of the app. Students submit handwritten, paper-based work directly to Gradescope by scanning it using a mobile app. You grade it and return scores and feedback to students within Gradescope.



- Use your existing paper assessments. No need to convert them to digital assignments.

- For handwriting heavy courses, it requires the least amount of change.

- May require student access to a printer.

- Students must take and upload pictures of completed work.

For more on the paper-based assessment workflow, check out our guide to Paper-based Remote Assessment.

Digital Assessment

With digital assessments, you provide the assignment within Gradescope. Students complete and submit assessments within the Gradescope interface, uploading files and images as needed (for example, handwriting long math proofs or uploading code snippets). You grade it and return scores and feedback to students within Gradescope.



- Doesn’t require students to print.

- Allows students to insert photos of individual handwritten responses.

- Automatic grading is available for some question types.

- Requires conversion of paper assignment to a digital one.

For more on the digital assessment workflow, check out our guide to Online Assignments.

Other Options? Still Unsure?

If your assessment is completely multiple-choice, your students can download, complete, and upload a paper bubble sheet to be automatically graded. Learn more about bubble sheets over here.

If you feel like your needs don’t fit either use case above or would like some guidance, reach out to us at

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