Remote Assessment FAQs

How do I get started moving my assessments online?

To support remote assessment, we are providing free access to Gradescope Complete for instructors through all of 2020. Gradescope lets you administer, collect, and grade your assessments remotely.

Updated 2 years ago

How do I set up a paper-based assignment for remote assessment?

Gradescope lets you collect paper-based assignments remotely. This can be helpful when handwriting or drawing are important aspects of your assessments, or when you want to administer your existing p…

Updated 3 years ago

Can I submit work for my students as an instructor?

Yes! No matter the assignment type, you can upload submissions to Gradescope on behalf of your students at any time. Find extended steps and more information on our Manage Submissions page. Open your…

Updated 1 year ago

I was going to give my assignment in person. Can I administer it on Gradescope without reformatting?

Yes! You can use Gradescope with any existing paper-based exam or assignment, and you don’t need to reformat the questions in order to grade them on Gradescope. You could even decide to start using G…

Updated 3 years ago

What Gradescope workflow will let my students handwrite or draw answers?

There are three types of Gradescope assignments that work best when you’re giving an assignment where you’d like students to handwrite their answers: Online Assignments, Homework / Problem Set, and E…

Updated 1 year ago

What are my options if students don’t have access to a printer to print their assignment?

If students don’t have access to a printer, below are a handful of possible solutions: Most popular method – Create a variable-length student-uploaded assignment: Select “Variable-length” for the Sub…

Updated 3 years ago

How should students convert their paper-based or handwritten work into high-quality PDFs?

To convert paper-based, handwritten work to a PDF, we recommend using a scanning app for mobile devices, such as Evernote Scannable (iOS) or Genius Scan (iOS or Android). Check out Submitting PDF hom…

Updated 2 years ago

Can I administer an all multiple choice assignment remotely and have Gradescope auto-grade it?

Yes! You should create a Bubble Sheet assignment and choose “Students” in the assignment setting under Who will upload submissions? Bubble Sheet assignments work best if students can print a copy of…

Updated 3 years ago

What Gradescope workflow will let my students type in answers online?

Gradescope offers an Online Assignment type that could be helpful here. With Online Assignments , you can create questions on Gradescope (short answer, free response, multiple choice, select all, and…

Updated 1 year ago

Is there a way to set up a timed assignment on Gradescope?

Yes, for all student-submitted assignments (except Programming Assignments), you will have the option to enforce a time limit using the Maximum Time Permitted feature. This allows you to give student…

Updated 1 year ago

How do time limit extensions affect due dates, late due dates, and time limits?

Our time limit extension feature allows you to give specific students more time to complete a timed assignment. Time limit extensions can be given for one particular timed assignment or for all timed…

Updated 2 years ago

Can I grade work remotely at the same time as my TAs and graders?

Yes! Multiple graders can grade the same assignment and even the same question on Gradescope in parallel without overlapping. We’ll automatically split up the work among the graders for you. When mul…

Updated 1 year ago

Can Gradescope help prevent cheating on remote assessments?

Yes, Gradescope is working hard to help you prevent cheating and collusion through several different features including enforcing time limits, hiding assessment questions, and offering various exam s…

Updated 1 year ago

I have a different use case that is not described above/I need help converting my assessments to online/remote assessments.

Email us at We’re happy to help!

Updated 4 years ago

Can I set up a single hybrid assignment to allow for both student and instructor uploaded submissions?

It is possible to set up an Exam/Quiz or Homework/Problem Set assignment to allow for some students to upload submissions themselves as well as instructors uploading on behalf of other students. The…

Updated 2 years ago