Can Gradescope help prevent cheating on remote assessments?


Yes, Gradescope is working hard to help you prevent cheating and collusion through several different features including enforcing time limits, hiding assessment questions, and offering various exam security tools. Check out Gradescope's current offerings below, and stay tuned for more security and collusion-prevention options soon.

  • Time limits: Except for on Programming Assignments, instructors have the option to enforce a time limit, which helps prevent collusion by reducing the length of time students have access to assessment content.
  • Hiding questions and responses: To help prevent sharing of assessment content among students completing Online Assignments, instructors can also choose to hide the questions and responses from students after the time limit expires or the due date passes (if no timer was set).
  • Question Randomization: To assist in preventing unwanted collusion between students, Gradescope allows for questions, answer options, or both within Online Assignments to be randomized when distributed.
  • Browser lockdown (feature in beta): Additionally, Gradescope has a feature for timed Online Assignments that is currently in beta and available upon request called LockDown Browser Powered by Respondus. If you enable LockDown Browser on a timed Online Assignment, your students will be taken to a secured browser window, they will not be able to open any tabs, windows, or applications while they work, and they will only be allowed to submit once. Because your students won't be able to open additional windows or applications, it is not recommended that you use LockDown Browser if your timed Online Assignment requires students to upload files. If you're interested in using LockDown Browser Powered by Respondus at your institution, contact

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