Can I grade work remotely at the same time as my TAs and graders?

Yes! Multiple graders can grade the same assignment and even the same question on Gradescope in parallel without overlapping. We’ll automatically split up the work among the graders for you.

When multiple people are grading the same question (by clicking on it from the Grade Submissions page), all graders will need to use the Next Ungraded button (or ‘z’ keyboard shortcut) to move from submission to submission. As long as all graders are using the Next Ungraded button, each submission will ‘lock’ for the grader who is currently on it, and no two graders will ever see or grade the same student’s submission.

All graders will also always be using the same rubric for each question. If any grader changes the rubric, all other graders on that question will see a notification message which will tell them what has changed on the rubric.

Adding multiple staff members and graders to your courses is available with an Institutional license.
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