Student FAQ

Why can’t I see my grades?

The Gradescope Help Center is moving!. We are migrating our content to the new Gradescope Help Center. You can preview an early iteration of our Gradescope Help Center now... After an instructor has…

Updated 1 month ago

How can I submit my homework as a PDF?

These instructions are for submitting via the Gradescope website. You can also scan and submit your homework using the Gradescope Mobile app.. Make sure your paper-based, handwritten work has been co…

Updated 2 years ago

I tried to submit, but it said I ran out of time?

If you’ve run out of time while working on an assignment or while trying to submit an assignment, there could be a few reasons for these issues. If you’re trying to submit a timed assignment , the ti…

Updated 2 years ago

Where has my course gone?

Only instructors, TAs, and readers have the ability to add and remove students from a course. You will be notified if you are enrolled in a course. If you’ve received a notification that you are enro…

Updated 2 years ago

Clicking the upload/submit button doesn’t do anything?

If you’re having trouble submitting your assignment, check that your web browser is compatible with Gradescope's requirements and isn’t outdated in our What browsers does Gradescope support? article.…

Updated 2 years ago