What scanners do you recommend?


Before you buy a scanner, you should check whether or not your school already has a scanner, or a networked photocopier. Many newer copiers have high quality, scan-to-email functions that are worth testing.

However, standalone scanners sometimes provide better results, and are easier to share between courses. There are roughly three price points of scanners well-suited for Gradescope: about $400, about $800, and $1600 and up.

  • For the $400 price point, we recommend the ScanSnap ix1500 (this is an Amazon affiliate link). Check out our recommended settings.
  • For the $800 price point, we recommend the Canon DR-M160II. It’s about 2.5x faster than the ScanSnap, and has a larger capacity, meaning that you can scan more students’ work at a time with it.
  • A few scanners that have been recommended to us by our customers:
    While these scanners have been recommended to us by customers, Gradescope have not used or tested them.

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