General FAQ

How do I login using my school’s credentials?

If your school has an institutional license, you may be able to log in to Gradescope using your school’s single sign on (SSO) system. Search for your school in our list to see if it is supported and…

Updated 3 months ago

What does Gradescope do with my data?

In a nutshell, we don’t claim any rights to your assignments or rubrics, except as needed to display them to you and your students. We’ll delete any student records upon request. Our goal is to be as…

Updated 3 months ago

Is Gradescope FERPA compliant?

Below, we list the relevant requirements from FERPA and explain how Gradescope meets these requirements. FERPA Requirement How Gradescope Meets Requirement Performs an institutional service or functi…

Updated 3 months ago

What are Gradescope's accessibility standards?

We understand the importance of educational technology being usable by everyone regardless of disability or circumstance. Partnered with Level Access, a set of Voluntary Product Accessibility Templat…

Updated 3 months ago

What browsers does Gradescope support?

We support the latest and one previous version of the browsers below: Chrome. Firefox. Safari. Microsoft Edge. When accessing Gradescope on a desktop operating system, we recommend using the followin…

Updated 2 weeks ago

Does Gradescope have a service status page?

Yes, Gradescope’s status page, , provides real-time and recorded information about our system status. Current operational status across all of our environments, any…

Updated 3 months ago