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Gradescope Roadmap: Feature Releases, Feedback, and Known Issues


Gradescope’s Roadmap (previously hosted on Trello) is where Gradescope posts the most up-to-date information related to our product, such as known issues, feature requests and statuses, beta information, and launches.

What can I do on Gradescope’s Roadmap?

Gradescope’s Roadmap is where you can: 

Where do I find Gradescope’s Roadmap?

You can access the Gradescope Roadmap by:

How do I use Gradescope’s Roadmap?

All the content is organized into tabs by feature status and known issues. See the following table for names and descriptions about what you can find and do in each tab.

Tab Name



Browse through our collection of customer idea cards and vote on what you want to see implemented in Gradescope. Have an idea that isn’t listed? Add a card of your own!

Seeking Input

A list of features that we are considering for our future planning. Vote for your top priority feature cards and let us know why they would benefit your way of working.

Known Issues

A list of all known bugs and issues that we are currently working on resolving, which includes our workaround and long-term solutions. Upvote a known issue and provide your email address to get notified when it’s fixed.

In Development

A list of new features we are currently working on.

In Beta (email us for access)

Features that we are testing with users before official release. Let us know if you see any that you would like to try out!

In Beta (available for all users)

Features that we are still testing but are automatically available in Gradescope.


A list of our releases.

Providing Feedback

Have some feedback about anything relating to Gradescope? Send us an email at

Feature Requests

Have your say in the future of Gradescope! Submit and vote on new feature ideas with the Ideas and Seeking Input tabs. Also, stay up to date with upcoming projects and exciting releases with the In Development, In Beta, and Launched tabs. 

Submit a feature request

To submit a new feature request:

  1. Access the Gradescope Roadmap.
  2. Select the Ideas tab.
  3. Review the existing requests to see if any are similar to the feature you want.
  4. If no request cards are similar to your feature, select the + Submit idea button on the right side of the page. 
  5. Provide as much detail as possible about the feature and how it will benefit your way of working. 
  6. Select the feature’s urgency.
  7. Provide an email address so we can track voting and notify you of any progress.
Nothing written by you in this card will be shown publicly; the request is submitted to us, and we will make the public-facing card for you. 

Vote for a feature 

To vote for a feature request:

  1. Select the idea card that you would like to vote for. 
  2. Select the feature’s urgency.
  3. Provide as much detail as possible about the feature and how it will benefit your way of working. 
  4. Provide an email address so we can track voting and notify you of any progress.

How do I get access to a beta feature?

A list of existing betas will provided within the In Beta (Email us for access) tab. Select the beta card of the feature you’re interested in to reveal further details. Contact details or form access will be provided on the beta card you are interested in. 

Known Issues 

You can view all known bugs and issues for Gradescope on the Known Issues tab. Each card has a description of the issue, known workarounds, and the long-term plan for the fix.

Vote for a Known Issue

  1. Select the Known Issues tab.
  2. Click on the known issue card you are experiencing and:
    1. Vote for how important this issue is to you.
    2. Optionally, fill in any additional feedback about the known issue. 
    3. Provide your email address so we can notify you when the issue is fixed.
    4. Select Submit.

Submit a new Known Issue

  1. Search for any features or issues by topic and review the existing cards to make sure it’s not already a known issue.
  2. If you are experiencing a new known issue, please email customer support at and include any feedback, images, or screen recordings for the bug and the page link that has the bug. This helps customer support to reproduce the bug.

Does Gradescope have a service status page?

Yes, Gradescope’s status page,, provides real-time and recorded information about our system status. Current operational status across all of our environments, any scheduled maintenance, and all recorded past incidents are listed within the page.  

Each status is color coded with a description:

  • Green - The green banner indicates that all systems are operational. If you are experiencing issues, please contact us at
  • Yellow - The yellow banner indicates that there is currently a degraded performance on one or more of the services.
  • Amber - The amber banner indicates that there is a partial outage. This means that some services are experiencing issues.
  • Red - The red banner indicates that there is a major outage. We are working to rectify this.
  • Blue - The blue banner indicates that maintenance to one or more of our services is in progress.

To be notified of any operational disturbances, select Subscribe to Updates and provide us with your preferred contact details.

What happened to the old Roadmap?

All feature requests from Gradescope’s Trello roadmap have been migrated to our new Ideas tab. If you have already voted for features on our old roadmap, you don’t need to vote again. We will look at votes from both sites. 

Gradescope’s Trello roadmap can still be accessed and viewed, but it is no longer interactive or editable.

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