Duplicating a Course


Duplicating a Course 

Gradescope courses can be reused or duplicated easily for the same or a different term. When you duplicate a course, all the existing assignments will also be copied. The duplicated assignments will keep the same settings, question outline, template files, all question rubrics, Autograder configurations, and question content and import them into the new assignment. Follow the steps below for how to do this.

Duplicating a course is available with institutional site licenses. If you have any questions about getting access for your account, please send us an email.

  1. Navigate to the course you would like to duplicate and select Course Settings.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the settings page and select Duplicate Course
  3. To make the duplication process as easy as possible, we are going to calculate the release and due dates of your new assignments. To do that, we need some information:
    1. Enter the Term Start Date of your original course, based on your institution’s academic calendar.
    2. Select the Term and Year of your new course.
    3. Enter the Term Start Date of your new course. As the assignment dates from the original and duplicated course will mirror each other, we recommend selecting a date which has the same day of the week as the original term start date.

Duplicate course settings
  1. Select Duplicate.
  2. You are now in your new course’s settings page. Customize your course and when you are finished, select Update course.  If you would like to cancel, select Delete course
  3. You’re done! Now that your course has been duplicated, we recommend checking the assignment release and due dates to ensure they are accurate. If relevant, you can also link your new course and assignments to your Learning Management System.

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