Course Workflow

Creating, Editing, and Deleting a Course

Any user with an instructor account can create courses, including users enrolled as an instructor to the Gradescope 101 demo course. To create a new Gradescope course: Access your course dashboard. T…

Updated 6 months ago

Adding Students and Staff

The course roster is necessary to match students to submissions, manage course staff permissions, and allow students to see their work on Gradescope.. Staff roles and permissions. Gradescope has thre…

Updated 4 months ago

Creating, Editing, and Deleting an Assignment

Creating an assignment. To create a new assignment, click Create Assignment in the bottom right corner of your course’s Assignments page. The Create Assignment page and workflow appears where you can…

Updated 10 months ago


Manage your courses roster, assignments, or grade with sections in Gradescope. Sections in the roster. Adding sections to the roster. If you want to manage your assignment settings based on sections…

Updated 5 months ago

Extending Time Limits at the Course Level

At the course level, you will only be able to give a student a bulk time limit extension on all timed assignments in that course.

Updated 2 years ago

Duplicating a Course

Duplicating a Course . Gradescope courses can be reused or duplicated easily for the same or a different term. When you duplicate a course, all the existing assignments will also be copied. The dupli…

Updated 8 months ago

Duplicating an Assignment

Duplicating an assignment allows you import settings, the question outline, all question rubrics, Autograder configurations and question content into a new assignment. Here's how...

Updated 1 year ago

Exporting Course Grades

To download all the assignment grades as a spreadsheet, navigate to the Assignments page, and click the button in the bottom action bar titled Download Grades. All assignment grades and roster inform…

Updated 4 years ago