How do I regrade existing student submissions after changing the outline for my assignment?


If you or your students have already uploaded submissions to a Gradescope assignment and you then make changes to the Edit Outline page, you can automatically regrade all existing student submissions. The method for doing this depends on the assignment type.

Bubble Sheet Assignments

If your Bubble Sheet assignment has existing submissions and you need to update the answer key, simply edit the answer key on the Edit Answer Key page and select Save Answer Key in the bottom action bar. All existing bubble sheet submissions will be automatically re-graded on the Grade Submissions page, based on the updated answer key. Any manual changes you’ve made to the rubrics will be preserved. 

Programming Assignments

For autograded programming assignments, if you’ve updated your code autograder file and want to rerun the autograder on all existing active student submissions, you can do so by going to the Manage Submissions page and clicking the Regrade All Submissions button. Manual grading will be preserved. 

Online Assignments

If you’ve made changes to the question Outline for your Online Assignment and want to regrade existing student submissions, you can do so by going to the Manage Submissions page and clicking the Regrade All Submissions button. Using the Regrade All Submissions button will regrade all questions with auto-graded input fields:

  • Multiple-choice
  • Select All
  • Short Answer

Any manual grading applied to auto-graded questions, such as submission-specific adjustments or comments, will not be removed unless you select the Remove all manual grading checkbox to allow it. 

The regrade applies only to auto-graded question types, and rubrics will remain unaffected for questions with free response and file upload fields, even when the Remove all manual grading checkbox is selected.

Exam/Quiz and Homework/Problem Set Assignments

Any changes you make to the question Outline, such as renaming questions or updating point values, are reflected on the Grade Submissions page and apply to any existing submissions. Note that if you delete a question from the Edit Outline page, the rubric for that question will be deleted as well as all existing answer groups and grading work.

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