Configuring Gradescope LTI 1.3 in Canvas


Configuring Gradescope LTI 1.3 in Canvas

Before you can begin configuring your LTI 1.3 integration, please contact your Account Manager or Gradescope Integrations Lead so that we can enable the integration permissions to your account. Once you have received our confirmation that your Gradescope account has the necessary permissions, you can continue onto the first step.

Don't have a Gradescope account? Go to the Gradescope website and select Sign Up. Select the Instructor role, fill out the provided form and ensure you use the same email address you use on Canvas. You will be emailed with a link to set a password so that you are able to access your new account.

If your institution will be using the,, or instance, please use this guide instead. If you are using, continue with this guide.

We recommend that you complete the configuration process all at once. If you think you may need to complete it in stages, use your test Canvas environment.

  1. To register LTI 1.3 in Canvas, log in as your LMS Administrator.
  2. Navigate to the Admin page using the left main menu and select your institution’s account name.
  3. Select Developer Keys. This option will not appear on any sub-accounts and must be set up using the main parent account.  
  4. Select Inherited and ensure Gradescope is set to On


  1. Return to the Admin page using the left main menu and select your institution’s account name.
  2. Select Settings, then Apps, and then View App Configurations.
  3. Select the blue + App button. A modal will appear.
  4. Set the Configuration Type to By Client ID and then enter the ID from the inherited Developer Key - 170000000000720. Select Submit and then Install

Gradescope will now appear as an option for your instructors, but they will receive error messages until Step 13 is complete if they attempt to create Gradescope courses or assignments via the LTI links in Canvas.
  1. Gradescope is now installed and will be listed within your External Apps. Next we need to link it to your account so that it can be used by instructors and students. Select Courses from the main menu on the left and access a course.
  2. Select Gradescope which is now listed within your course sidebar navigation.
  3. You may be prompted to log into Gradescope if you are not already. Please ensure you are logging into the account that has had the integration permissions enabled. 
  4. Enter a Branded Platform Name, such as “Canvas” so your instructors will recognize this as your Canvas integration within Gradescope.
  5. Select your school and then Save when you are ready to continue.
In the example shown in the picture below, the Branded Platform Name was set as “Canvas”. If the Branded Platform Name was set as “Canvas Test Account” the button would read as “Post Grades to Canvas Test Account”. We recommend not naming this field “Gradescope” as it may cause confusion to instructors.

You’re done! Your instructors are now able to link their Canvas courses to Gradescope, sync rosters, create and link assignments, and sync grades between Gradescope and Canvas. Want to know how? Check out our Canvas instructor guidance. We also provide guidance for your students.

Adding the external Gradescope app at course level? If the Gradecope app is added at the sub-account level, the initial deployment will only need to be completed once. If the external Gradescope app is added at an individual course level or to courses not held within the sub-account, the deployment steps will need to be repeated each time. 

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