Account Management

Editing your account

To edit your name, password, student ID, or to switch your primary email, click on Account in the lower-left corner of the dashboard and select Edit Account from the menu.

Updated 4 days ago

​Resetting Your Password

If you have forgotten your password or are otherwise unable to log in, first go to the Gradescope website. Click the Log In button (top right corner). When the login dialog box appears, click Forgot…

Updated 2 years ago

Merging Accounts

If you have multiple Gradescope accounts using different email addresses, you can merge the accounts so that all of your Gradescope courses and assignments are in one place. Merging a student and ins…

Updated 3 months ago

Administrator Dashboard

Administrator Dashboard. The Dashboard provides administrative data based on your institution’s use of Gradescope. The Dashboard must be enabled for an admin to view and is only available as part of…

Updated 11 months ago

Configuring an SSO Integration

Configuring an SSO Integration . Getting started. SSO integration is only available with an Institutional license. If you have any questions about acquiring a license for your institution, fill out o…

Updated 4 months ago