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Using Gradescope with Moodle as a Student


Accessing Gradescope

When you access Gradescope through Moodle, you will not need separate Gradescope credentials, even if you are a new Gradescope user. Simply log in to Moodle, click the Gradescope link provided in your course.

If you'd like to access your Gradescope account on the Gradescope website, you can go to and log in with your school credentials if your institution has that option. If your school doesn't have that option, click Log In, click Forgot Password, and then enter the email address you use to access Moodle (usually your school email). If your instructor gave you a course code and you don't already have a Gradescope account, click Sign Up on the Gradescope website, and enter your course code and Moodle-associated email. With the latter two methods, you'll then get an email from Gradescope with login and password creation instructions.

Regardless of whether you access Gradescope on the website or via Moodle, you will be taken to the same Gradescope account, as long as the email address linked to the account is the same. If you do end up with multiple accounts under multiple emails, you can merge accounts. If you have any problems accessing your Gradesope account, see the Troubleshooting section at the end of this page.


Submitting assignments

  1. Log in to Moodle or Then click your course.
  2. If you started on, simply click on your assignment. If you started in Moodle, next click the link to your Gradescope course or assignment on your Moodle course page. This will launch Gradescope either in a new tab or right in Moodle. Depending on your instructor's settings, you may also need to select your assignment in Gradescope when it opens.
    If you have any problems accessing your Gradesope account, see the Troubleshooting section at the end of this page.
  3. Based on your instructor's settings, next you could see instructions to upload PDFs or images, link code repositories, or start answering questions online. At this point, the way students submit Gradescope assignments is the same for Moodle and non-Moodle users so check out the in-depth articles on scanning work (if needed) and how you may be asked to submit your assignment. Keep in mind that if you encounter an error message trying to access your Gradescope assignment, the assignment may not be released to students yet.
  4. Once you've submitted the assignment, if your instructor has allowed it, you can view your submission. If you don't have that option, then you will be able to view your work when your instructor publishes grades.
Student viewing the submit dialog box in Gradescope

Viewing grades and submissions

  1. Log in to Moodle or Then click your course.
  2. If you started on, next click your assignment. If your instructor has published your grades to Gradescope, this will bring up your graded, annotated submission, question-by-question scores, rubrics, and feedback. 
  3. If you started on Moodle, next click Grades from in the left sidebar. If your instructor has posted grades to Moodle, you will see your score and the total possible points for this assignment.
    Student viewing Gradescope grades on Moodle Grades page
  4. To view your submission and feedback if you're on the Moodle Grades page, click the link to your Gradescope assignment in the second tab of your User Report table. You can also navigate back to your course page and click the Gradescope assignment link there. Both methods will launch your Gradescope assignment. If your instructor has published grades to Gradescope, you will be able to see your submission, points breakdown, and any comments your instructor gave you.
    Student viewing Gradescope feedback and points in Moodle



When it's time to submit work, if you don't see a Gradescope course or assignment link on your Moodle course page, or if clicking on the course or assignment link in Moodle doesn't take you to Gradescope, your instructor may not have linked your Gradescope course and assignment to Moodle correctly. If that's the case, go to, go to if you're not sure what your Gradescope password is (or if you've never set one), and access your Gradescope course and assignments that way. If you find that your courses and assignments are split across multiple accounts, your Moodle email may not be the same as the email of your Gradescope account. If that's the case, you can merge your accounts. If you need any help, email

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