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Adding a Course


If your instructor gave you the entry code for the course, you will be able to add yourself as a student. To do this, if you already have a Gradescope account, log into that account and navigate to your Account Dashboard by clicking the Gradescope logo in the top left, and click Add Course in the bottom right corner. If you don’t have a Gradescope account yet, go to our homepage, click Sign Up in the upper right corner, select Student, and put in your entry code in the sign-up form. 

Note that your instructor may choose to disable the entry code and not allow students to use entry codes to enroll. If the entry code doesn’t work, please email your instructor for details on how to access the course. 

If you don’t have an entry code, your instructor must add you to the course. Once you’re added to a course, you’ll get an email asking you to set your password if this is your first time logging into Gradescope or an email with a link to the course if you already have an existing account. If the set password link in this email expires, you can request a new link from the Reset Password page. 

Sometimes instructors use a different email address than the one on your existing Gradescope account. If you were added to a course, but you don’t see it in your Account Dashboard, check with them to see what email address they used. If you end up with multiple accounts, email us and we can merge them for you.

If you were added to a course that you’ve dropped, please email your instructor and ask him or her to remove you from the course roster. 

If you already have a student account and want to add a course as a TA, Reader, or Instructor, email us.

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