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Managing Submissions


Auto-matching submissions to names

For instructor-submitted assignments, as soon as submissions are created on the Manage Scans page, we will automatically attempt to match each submission to a student in your roster, using the Name and ID regions that you set up in the Edit Outline step. While we can attempt to match with only one region, using both Name and ID regions will achieve the best results. For the best results, students’ names and IDs should exactly match the names and IDs on your roster and should be handwritten (not typed). 

If you ever don’t want students’ names to appear in the grading interface, you can also choose to skip submission matching until grading is complete and label the name and ID regions on the Edit Outline page at a later time. 

In the upper left corner of the Manage Submissions page, you can see the total number of submissions and the number of students in your roster who don’t have assigned submissions.

Status showing number of submissions and the number of students who have a submission assigned

You can click on the Unassigned tab in the upper right corner to view any submissions that could not be confidently matched. For these submissions, click on Enter Student Name, type in the name or ID of the student (or just a few letters with auto-complete), hit Tab (rather than Enter) to select the user, and repeat until there are no more unassigned submissions.

Manually assigning a student to a specific submission
Adjusting the location of the name or ID regions on the Edit Outline page will re-run the automatic matching on all submissions. Any manually matched submissions will not be overwritten. If you’d ever like to turn off automatic roster matching and match all students manually, you can do so at the top of the Manage Submissions page.
If you see anonymized student names with assignment submissions then Anonymous Grading is enabled. You can disable anonymous grading by going to the Settings page and deselect the Enable Anonymous Grading check box. Check out our Anonymous Grading guide for more information.

Replacing and deleting submissions

Deleting submissions or replacing a student’s submitted PDF can be found in the same place on the Manage Submissions page.

For the exam/quiz, bubble sheet, and homework/problem set assignments:

  • Locate the student name and select Show Details. The options to Delete Submission or Replace PDF appear beneath the student's name.
    • When deleting a submission, select Delete Submission.
    • When replacing a PDF, select Replace PDF.
A screen capture of a student submission with the show details dropdown selected. There are the delete submission and replace PDF buttons.
Replacing a PDF will not delete any grading progress on that submission.

For online, programming, and essay assignments:

  • Locate the student name and, in the Delete section, select the X icon.

A screen capture of the Manage submissions page. There is a student submission listed with a red x in the Delete column.

You can upload a new scanned submission on the Manage Submissions page, by selecting Upload Submission in the bottom action bar.

Submission history and downloading submissions

If you'd like to download and export an individual student's submission, first open their submission by clicking on their name on the Manage Submissions page. Once their submission appears on your screen, click Download Original in the action bar along the bottom of your screen. If you'd like to download and export the submissions all your students made to an assignment, see the section on Exporting assignment submissions. Also on the Manage Submissions page, you can view each student’s submission history by clicking the Submission History button (bottom of your screen). Additionally, if you click Download Grades on the Reviews Grades page, the exported spreadsheet of assignment grades will list the number of times the student submitted the assignment.

Adding and deleting group members

If group submission is enabled, you can also add or delete group members from the Manage Submissions page. Group submissions will show multiple students' names listed next to a submission on the Manage Submissions page. Click the group of students to take you to their submitted work. Once the submission comes up, click the Group Members button at the bottom of your screen. This will pull up a dialog box that will allow you to add students to or remove them from the group submission.

Matching questions to submission pages on students' behalf

When a student submits a PDF to a variable-length assignment, Gradescope will ask them to indicate which pages their answers to each question appear on in the submitted file. However, Gradescope still allows students to submit work if they haven't matched each question to a page in their PDF. Gradescope is configured this way to make sure students can turn in work even if they haven't finished the assignment and therefore can't assign questions to pages. You'll know a student turned in a PDF without assigning their questions to pages if you see an error message on your screen when you open their submission to grade it. If that's the case, you can assign pages for them on the Manage Submissions page.

  1. First, navigate to the Manage Submissions page. To do that, open the assignment in your course and click Manage Submissions in the left sidebar.
  2. On the Manage Submissions page, click the relevant submission to open it. Once it loads, click the Reselect Pages button in the bottom action bar.
  3. Next, you will see a list of the questions/problems in the assignment and thumbnails of the student's PDF page(s). For each question, click the question on the left and the PDF page(s) that contains the answers on the right.
  4. You can use the SHIFT key to select multiple questions at a time. You can assign multiple questions to the same page and multiple pages to one question. If each question is on its own page in the student's PDF, use the Assign Pages Sequentially button in the bottom action bar to quickly assign these pages.
  5. Click Submit when you're finished.

Submitting work on students' behalf

  1. Open your relevant assignment and go to the Manage Submissions page.
  2. On the Manage Submissions page, select Upload Submission (or select New Submission for an Online Assignment type) at the bottom of the page.
If Anonymous Grading is enabled, the Upload Submission option isn't available for student uploaded assignments.
  1. Depending on the assignment type, upload the submissions accordingly:
  • For Homework, Exams, Bubble Sheets, and Programming Assignments: When the dialog box comes up, select your student’s name (this is optional for Programming Assignments). Then, choose their file or code repository and select  Submit or Upload. If this is a variable-length PDF homework assignment or exam, select what page of the PDF the answer to each question appears on. Then, select Submit.
  • For Online Assignments: When the student view of the assignment appears, select your student’s name from the dropdown menu at the top of your screen. Then, enter their responses or upload their files to the appropriate questions and make sure to select Submit Answer after each one. If your student has existing responses that you did not touch, those will be preserved.

How does anonymous grading affect submissions?

Anonymous grading masks any identifiable student personal information (name, email address, and student ID) from appearing anywhere within the assignment workflow, including while grading student submissions. Check out our Anonymous Grading guidance for more information on how your assignments will differ with anonymous grading enabled.

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