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Exporting Assignment Grades


Exporting grades to your computer

From the Review Grades page, all data can be downloaded from Gradescope in CSV and Excel formats.

Gradescope offers three types of downloads:

  • Download Grades is a traditional list of Names, Submission Times, Total Scores, and Question Scores. For student-uploaded assignments, you’ll also see a “Lateness” column (in HH:MM:SS format). For students who submit before the due date, “Lateness” will be recorded as 00:00:00 in the spreadsheet.
  • Export Evaluations is a more detailed report of students’ scores for each question, showing which rubric items were applied to each student.
  • Export Submissions lets you download all of your students’ graded assignments in PDF format. The rubric will appear as the first page of the PDF, and any annotations you made directly on the submissions will be visible. This option is useful if you would like to return graded exams in person rather than digitally.

Posting grades to an LMS

Check out our LMS Workflow section for instructions on how to post Gradescope assignment grades in Blackboard, Brightspace (D2L), Canvas, Moodle, and Sakai to Gradescope. The LMS Workflow section of the Help Center also contains step-by-step instructions, images, and gifs about how to use Gradescope with an LMS as an instructor and a student.

Alternatively, check out the LMS Integration video on our Get Started page to see how to connect your LMS to Gradescope and post grades from the Gradescope website. Please note that the video only shows one method for using Gradescope with an LMS, but updated videos for each LMS are in the works.

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