Assignment Workflow

​Assignment Types

Gradescope allows you to grade paper-based exams, quizzes, bubble sheets, and homework. In addition, Gradescope enables you to grade programming assignments (graded automatically or manually) and let…

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Programming Assignments

Programming assignments are available with an Institutional license. Creating a Programming Assignment. To create a programming assignment, go to the course’s Assignments page and click Create Assign…

Updated 4 months ago

Bubble Sheet Assignments

Check out our PDFs to view this guide in Spanish or Portuguese. Gradescope’s bubble sheet assignments allow you to create a multiple-choice answer key for the automatic grading of your students’ subm…

Updated 5 months ago

Online Assignments (Beta)

Currently, in beta, online assignments let you create questions directly on Gradescope. Students will be able to log in and submit responses within the Gradescope interface. For some types of question…

Updated 5 months ago

Anonymous Grading

Anonymous Grading. Anonymous grading is available with an Institutional license. Anonymous grading masks any identifiable student personal information (name, email address, and student ID) from appea…

Updated 3 months ago

Extending assignment release dates, due dates, and time limits

On an assignment, you'll be able to give individual students an extension on the release date, due date, late due date (if you set one), and time limit (if you set one).

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Creating an Outline

Creating an Assignment Outline. Creating the assignment outline is the first step for creating the Exam / Quiz or Homework / Problem Set assignments.. For the Template , upload a blank copy of your a…

Updated 8 months ago

Managing Scans

Why doesn't my assignment have a Manage Scans page? The Manage Scans page is only part of the workflow for instructor-submitted assignments. For student-submitted assignments, this page will not appe…

Updated 5 months ago

Creating and Grading Multi-Version Assignments

Assignment versioning is only available on instructor-uploaded Exam, Homework, or Bubble Sheet assignments. This feature is not available yet on any student-uploaded assignments, Online Assignments, or Programming Assignments.

Updated 7 months ago

Managing Submissions

Auto-matching submissions to names. Auto-matching scanned submissions to students on the roster is available with an Institutional license. In a Basic Tier course, you can match students to submissio…

Updated 8 months ago

AI-Assisted Grading and Answer Groups

Answer Groups and AI-Assistance are available with an Institutional license.. For fixed-template assignments, there are two features you can use to help grade multiple students' work at once: Answer…

Updated 4 months ago

Formatting Guide for AI-Assisted Grading

AI-assisted Grading lets you grade fixed-template assignments even faster by grading groups of similar answers at once. You will review suggested groups - or form your own - using our grouping interf…

Updated 2 years ago

​Grading Submissions

Want to filter your grading by section? Check out our guidance to learn how. To begin grading, go to the Grade Submissions tab and click on the question that you would like to grade. There are three…

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Reviewing Grades

Once you are finished grading submissions, the Review Grades page gives you an overview of what was graded and allows you to publish grades, email students, and export evaluations & grades. At the to…

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Exporting Assignment Grades, Evaluations, and Submissions

On an assignment's Review Grades page, you can download documents of data on the following: assignment grades , assignment evaluations , and assignment submissions. To view this data, click the corre…

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Managing Regrade Requests

Regrade requests allow students to submit short statements about why they think their work should be given another look. Regrade requests are enabled by default for all published assignments. To disa…

Updated 1 year ago

Assignment and Question Statistics

Assignment Statistics. The Statistics page allows instructors to gain further insights into what their students have learned. Only students with uploaded submissions will be counted towards the assig…

Updated 4 months ago

Code Similarity

Generating a Code Similarity report. Code Similarity is available for courses with an Institutional license. Code Similarity is a tool to help determine how similar students’ code is. It does not aut…

Updated 8 months ago

Writing Formulas and Equations (LaTeX)

LaTeX can be used for math symbols in rubric items, comments, text annotations, answer group names, online assignment questions and responses, and regrade requests and responses. We do not support th…

Updated 2 years ago

Formatting Text (Markdown)

If you'd like to, you can use Markdown syntax in rubric items to insert images, clickable links, code blocks, tables, bulleted and numbered lists, bold/italicize text, and more. Simply click on the r…

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