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Bubble Sheet Assignments


Bubble sheet assignments allow you to pre-define the correct answers for questions on multiple choice assignments. If you distribute and have students mark their answers on the Gradescope 200-question bubble sheet template, you can indicate the correct responses for each question ahead of time allowing Gradescope to automatically grade all student submissions for you as they’re uploaded.

If there are fewer than 200 questions on your multiple-choice assignment, simply use the first page of the Gradescope bubble sheet template and apply the same methods for indicating the answers in Gradescope ahead of time, uploading submissions, etc. Gradescope will only autograde questions where you previously marked the answers. Leave unneeded question and answer rows blank and Gradescope will ignore them when autograding submissions.

Bubble sheet assignments are available with institutional site licenses and for individual courses subscribed to Gradescope Complete. If you have any questions about getting access in your course, please send us an email.

To create a bubble sheet assignment, go to the course’s Assignments page and click Create Assignment in the bottom right of the page. Select Bubble Sheet from the list of assignment types. Give the assignment a title and select whether instructors or students will be uploading submissions. If you choose to let students upload the assignment, you will also need to choose the assignment release date, due date, and set your template visibility preference and group submission policy. Then, you will be taken to the Answer Key page.


Timed Assignments

By default, the Bubble Sheet assignment type is set up for instructors to scan and upload. However, you can change this by choosing “Students” under Who will upload submissions? in your Assignment Settings. If you do that, a handful of additional settings will appear (i.e., release date and due date) including an option enforce a time limit. By selecting “Enforce time limit” you’ll be able to use the Maximum Time Permitted feature to give students set number of minutes to submit their completed answer sheet from the moment they open the assignment and confirm that they are ready to begin.

Keep in mind that if you’re administering a timed Bubble Sheet assignment, you should share Gradescope 200-question bubble sheet template with students ahead of time and instruct them to print it before they start their assignment timer. If you’d like to save students the trouble of completing, scanning, and uploading work under a time limit, you can always create an Online Assignment made up of all multiple-choice questions that students will answer directly in the Gradescope interface.

Extending dates and time limits

If you want to extend or modify when a specific student can start, work on, or submit an assignment, check out Extending assignment release dates, due dates, late due dates, and time limits.

To learn how to give a student more time on all timed assignments in a course, check out Extending time limits at the course level. Currently, at the course level, you can only give blanket time limit extensions. You cannot give a student an extension on all assignment release dates, due dates, or late due dates in a course at once. You would need to give the student those extensions on each assignment. 

Does your assignment have anonymous grading enabled? Adding an individual extension could impair the anonymity of the student if there are only a few students with extensions, so we recommend only extending where absolutely necessary. 

Template Visibility

By default, the Bubble Sheet assignment type is set up for instructors to scan and upload. However, you can change this by choosing “Students” under Who will upload submissions? in your Assignment Settings. If you do that, a handful of additional settings will appear (i.e., release date and due date) including an option to change Template Visibility. By selecting “Allow students to view and download the template” under Template Visibility, students will be able to download Gradescope’s blank 200-question template that contains five answer bubbles per question. Please note that the template cannot be customized to contain question content. You will still need to give students the questions for their multiple-choice assignment outside of Gradescope.


Answer Key

On the Answer Key page, indicate the correct answer(s) for each question on your assignment.

For questions with multiple selected bubbles, there are three grading styles to choose from:

  • Exact - Full credit is awarded only for the exact correct answer.
  • Partial - Partial credit is awarded for marking each correct letter. If any other letter is marked, the total score becomes 0.
  • Either/Or - Full credit is awarded for marking any of the correct letters. If any other letter is marked, the total score becomes 0.

You can indicate the number of points each question is worth at the top of the page. If you want any questions to have a different maximum point value or grading style than the default, you can customize these settings by clicking the  icon next to the question number. Any questions you leave blank will not be graded.

The Answer Key page showing grading options selected and correct answers indicated.

Once you are done with the answer key, you can upload the submission scans (Managing scans) and match them to students (Managing submissions). Make sure that all of the submissions follow our bubble sheet template (linked at the top of this guide).


Creating multiple versions of a bubble sheet assignment

Currently in beta and available upon emailed request, the assignment versioning feature lets you create a container to link multiple instructor-uploaded Exam, Homework, or Bubble Sheet assignments together. Please note that assignment versioning is not available yet on Online Assignments, Programming Assignments, or any other type of student-uploaded assignment. To see how to use this feature on your instructor-uploaded Exam, Homework, or Bubble Sheet assignments, check out the article on Creating and Grading Multi-Version Assignments.



We will start processing and grading the submissions as soon as they’re uploaded. This may take a few minutes. If some submissions are not graded, that is because our AI was not confident enough in the student answer. To review uncertain marks, click Uncertain Marks at the top of the Grade Submissions page or next to each question. You’ll see an image of the student’s answer and Gradescope’s proposed identification. If any of the suggestions are incorrect, click the correct bubbles. Click Confirm All Marks to grade all the submissions with uncertain marks.

Uncertain student marks need to be manually reviewed to ensure they are graded correctly.

If you’d like to award custom partial credit to certain answer options, give more detailed feedback for each option, or adjust the rubric in any way, you can do so by clicking on the question name on the Grade Submissions page. Any changes you make to the rubric for a given question will apply to all students who have that rubric item applied.

Once all submissions are graded, you can publish the assignment to students (Reviewing grades).

You can go to the Statistics page to see a breakdown of scores and selected answers for each question. For bubble sheet assignments, there is also an Item Analysis page, where you can see discriminatory scores for each question to determine whether the question is working well to discriminate students with knowledge from those that are just guessing.

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